The EuroVision Lab. in the Nomad Museum VSL/Lindabrunn with our selected object the exemplary unit: the Zeigerpointer. In cooperation with the students of „Exhibition Design“ of the university of Applied Sciences the FH JOANNEUM in Graz the exhibition is developed and put on display in Lindabrunn.

The Zeigerpointer (a German-English word-mix tautology) is depicted in a series of twelve oil paintings. They were commissioned by monochrom and painted by Chinese copy painters in Dafen. The templates for the oil paintings were local newspapers clippings showing crime scenes in which the witness was shown pointing to a place where the incident took place to underline the evidence of occurrences. Such photographs can often be found in local newspapers as visual proof of the written words. Pointing to formerly existing or virtual objects assigns meaning. Paintings and sculptures showing people pointing, for example in Leonardo da Vinci ’s (1513-16) depiction of St. John the Baptist pointing to heaven or Napoleon pointing the way on “Bonaparte Crossing the Alps at the St. Bernard Pass” by Jacques-Louis David (1800-1801), can be found very often throughout European art history from Christian iconography to the present. Pointing itself is a gesture intended to direct and change the common perspective of where the recipient should focus his/her attention and to make the absent visible and believable.

The exhibition will be open from April 16th 2016, until May 29th 2016.